Titanium and Superconductor

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Perfect for discreet in hand or in pocket spinning / fidgeting .

Titanium Handle
-Knurled handle
-Brushed Finish
-Anodized Fade

Titanium and Sc
-Deep Etch SC
-Tapered Handle
-Brushed finish
-Anodized finish to match anodized SC
-Anodized Ti**

One drop lubed bearing
Easy bearing installation and removal system for cleaning / changing / maintenance. Held in with a Clip , pull a bearing without a puller in under a 30 seconds.
** There is a dot on the Handle , Very small on the back where the anodizing turned it a purple pink , For that reason this is marked 35.00 off. Not very noticeable less then 1/16" round , you can see this in some of the pictures.

17.47 mm
.6875 Inch

Diameter (At widest point )
79.71 mm
3.1380 Inch