Double Spinning Fidget Spinner

$580.00 - $595.00 Sold Out

Double Spinner ! Each superconductor Body spins independently as does the Damasteel Grips and Timascus core spins as a unit separately. A very Fun Fidget Spinner!!

Superconductor plates
-Super Polished
-Deep Etched
-Anodized deep blue
(Option Below to add Black out to the copper, this will alow the copper to stay patina free and it will make the superconductor really pop with a very much more of a three dimensional look then it already has)

Core and Buttons
-semi-Matte Timascus core , Anodized Blue and Green
-Dama Steel Buttons , Deep etched and Colored with fully Mirror polished raised portions.
-Buttons are mounted partially below surface for a very sleek design

This features 2 r188 Lubbed bearings and spins effortlessly.


1.1955 IN
30.37 MM

.6830 IN
17.35 MM